Top 10 kitchen appliances that make your life easier

Top 10 kitchen appliances that make your life easier

With so many competing calls on our time every day, when we get home and start preparing a meal, we want to do it with the slightest hassle and maximum ease. Fortunately, many modern kitchen appliances are designed to meet that need, and there are certainly some appliances that no kitchen can do without.

Whether you buy new or upgrade existing appliances, lower your home and need more functional equipment, leave home or set yourself for the first time or choose a gift for someone else, it helps to think about what features you perform most often in the kitchen and where an appliance can streamline that feature for you.

A little time that spends your needs can save saved money on appliances that are located on the back of the cabinet and never get used to. With regular equipment, it often pays to consider upgrading, as a newer model can quickly pay for itself in increased efficiency, saving money, resources (like water and power) and time.

Heres a quick summary of what I think are the 10 most indispensable small kitchen appliances - you may want to add some (or all) to your shopping or wish list today!

Microwave - These worktops use microwave radiation to heat or cook quickly. They are compact, super comfortable and very versatile (if you learn to do more than heat water or thin meat in them).

Toaster - Small kitchen utensils designed to roast bread and bread products such as muffins, crumpets etc. Much more energy efficient than using a hob grill, these are considered necessary by most households.

Dishwashers - Dishwashers take the dull repetitive task of cleaning the disk and automate it - someone still has to load and empty it. Great for larger households. New models are extremely effective in terms of resource use.

Electric Kettle - Another device is considered necessary by many. Boil water for hot drinks by running a small electric current through the base or element in the kettle. Much faster and more effective than boiling a fine water on the stove.

Coffee maker - For coffee shops, a coffee maker seems to be indispensable. Fresh hot java in the morning at button press, and no ugly styrofoam cups.

Multi-Stack Electric Food Steamers - The biggest advantage of these units across the fireplace is that you can cook different foods, such as a piece of fish and some vegetables, at the same time without the taste of one affecting the other. In addition, you can cook a whole meal in one device.

Slow Cookers - Another amazing meal-in-one-pan unit, the slow cooker makes it comfortable what it seems to cost on time. With this appliance you can put the entire contents of a pot, bake or stew in the oven in the morning, set the appropriate setting and go to work. Your meal will slowly be cooked all day, so you can get the most of your time in the evening.

Turbo Convection Ovens - A good choice for frying and baking. Because the air circulates around the food throughout the cooking process, they cook smoothly and efficiently, usually cutting about 20% of the usual cooking time. Compact and portable, you can also take them with camping or save space in a larger range.

Indoor Grill - Grilling is a popular style of cooking today, and the indoor grill provides convenience in the equation - no need to postpone the grill.

Deep Fryer - Frying is still very popular and with a safe convenient way to do it in your home cookie, it means you can choose the best oils to make quick, healthy fried snacks and meals like tempura vegetables in your own kitchen.

When it comes to finding out what small kitchen appliances are needed in your kitchen, take time to think about the types of food you usually cook and where you need to save time, space or money. You will then be able to enjoy buying your new kitchen whiz gadgetry, knowing that not only is the shiny stainless steel finish!

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